Paper Butterfly Camouflage

Paper Butterfly Camouflage

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tate Liverpool

Having time to visit Tate Liverpool was a valuable experience highlighting the variety and inspiration to be found in the gallery. The exhibition on Sculpture demonstrated how both 2D and 3D Art can blur boundaries within the discipline. I liked how the walls were not white and the curation of this in this way gave a different atmosphere to looking at Art. The Wayne Hemingway Silent Disco was brilliant. Providing music and a dance floor within a gallery though I can see how this could be seen as negative, made the experience less pretentious and in a way more free. The dance floor itself gave opportunity to interact with the exhibition a brilliant idea. I need to go back and explore more.

Little Dance Aged Fourteen, Edgar Degas

Degas work is something I have always admired and being able to see this sculpture and many more by such established artists was inspiring.

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