Paper Butterfly Camouflage

Paper Butterfly Camouflage

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Freedom and Stationary

I have made it to the end of my journey through teacher training. Really pleased I stuck at it and have learnt so much not only about teaching but about myself. Excited to have some free time, and to fill the many sketchbooks (I seem to have collected that are gathering dust) with something new and creative. I love stationary, something nice about paper and print I could collect plenty.

"Sketchbooks in general... seem to contain mainly studies for paintings... For me, the sketchbooks are more like a secret and wholly spontaneous jeu d'esprit and some of them I like as much as anything I have ever done. They are invariably without premeditation. I mean not only that I have no plan when I make them, I also have no plan to make them. Robert Motherwell"

I like the idea of a sketchbook being personal and 'secret'. The concept of individuality and making something your own. I intend to make sketchbooks eventually but for the minute I will settle being happy to draw in the ones I am lucky to already have.

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  1. I have the same thing with my notebooks. I carry the damnable things with me everywhere - because you never know when a moment of inspiration will be upon you (for me, that's almost never).

    That said, I treasure my notebooks dearly. For whatever reason, they're much easier to write in than typing into an MS Word Doc or whatever..

    Welcome to the world of blogging m'dear. I'm sure you're going to love it.