Paper Butterfly Camouflage

Paper Butterfly Camouflage

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Following the Leeds Artist Bookfair I was interested in some of the more complex origami folded and unusual books. The personality of the user of the book can be represented in its making and this can be translated into sketchbook use. Slightly along these lines is this collage by Peter Clark. The delicacy of folded paper replicates the folds of the dress, beautiful.


Taking some time to nurture my creativity has encouraged me to take some time to think about direction. Time is the theme of the final major project for my students and as a concept is definately playing on my mind. Inspiration from exploring the potential of local culture in the form of Leeds Artist Bookfair emphasised to me the magic and diversity of my specialism, endless avenues for me to explore. With that in mind is an image of my knitting a skill I definately need to nurture.