Paper Butterfly Camouflage

Paper Butterfly Camouflage

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cultural Capital

Still exploring creativity with limited time and revisiting a fantastic resource ... books. Beautiful inspiring and something to revisit time and time again. Always room on the bookshelf for more. Just waiting for the lovely new books to arrive but have revisited some that I haven't looked at for a while little gems.

The above book is something spotted at Salts Mill, a lovely place to visit and a beautiful collection of books that will make you want to buy loads. Very excited for the post.

In regard to cultural capital, this is something I am aiming to explore for my Specialist Paper, how exposure to culture in different forms can expand creativity and increase social mobility through this exposure. More reading! Although having taken time to nurture my own creativity I feel I can understand the impact this experience has in opening your eyes to something different and seeing from a different viewpoint. Inspired to start that sketchbook now, about time.

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